StrategicDB was founded by Anna Kayfitz after realizing there is an increased demand for analytical and segmentation services. We have run segmentation models for all sorts of purposes from increasing traffic to a travel blog, to help CEO’s understand why customer churn is high and to identify customers that have the potential to spend more at a manufacturing company. Due to a proven track record of using unique segmentation modelling techniques, StrategicDB is now ready to help your business get to its goals.


To this day, we have helped many companies reach and exceed their goals. We also focus primarily on sales and marketing data, so we know it inside out. We have served companies from startups to enterprise level. No task is too small or large for us.

We Focus on Goals and Not on the Task:

Analyzing data can lead you in a million directions without allowing you to see the big picture or get you the results that you need. Therefore, we start by looking at your goal for the model, follow all available data so that we can derive the highest lift from the segmentation model.

We are experts in combining Data:

In today’s competitive marketplace, it is not enough just to segment based on one or two traits. While it is easy to segment based on a few variables or data types, we do the hard work so you do not have to by correlating your data sets.

 Add-On Services:

We do not just stop at segmentation, as everything starts with data we include data clean-up/normalization services in our pricing. We also offer stand-alone services to help bring insights to your department.

High Quality North American Values:

Your data will not leave North America, and that’s a promise. We pride ourselves on providing high quality services delivered with old fashion values and integrity.

We Speak Your Language (CRM, That Is):

We have experience working in the following CRM and Marketing systems: Salesforce, GetBase, Marketo, Eloqua (Now Oracle Marketing Cloud), Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook Ads, Hootsuite, Sysomos, Hubspot and many others…

We work with your Budget:
While we offer comprehensive packages, we understand that company’s needs may be different. Therefore, we offer a-la-carte services based on your needs and budgets. Contact Us today to find out more.


While we are a full service data cleansing company, we also love to share our knowledge. Feel free to reach out to us with no obligation to buy as clean data helps everyone!

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