Is a way to segment your market based on different morals, lifestyles and interests of the customers. For example, do your customers enjoy golf, have they moved recently, what conferences did they attend, etc…

We offer segmentation and profiling services for your marketing, sales, customer, website, and product data. Our segmentation models have helped businesses increase their conversion rates, improve ROI, identify profitable customer clusters, improve customer retention, help up-sell more products and much much more.

Have a Need for Segmentation? 

At StrategicDB, we believe that before we can start building a segmentation model we need to understand the reason for it, see the different types of goals you can have and read more about how we can help you get your business to the next level.

Identify New Markets and Opportunities

Whether you are looking to uncover new opportunities or are looking to enter new markets, segmentation analysis can help you identify trends and uncover new potentials.

And Much Much More…

Unlike most companies who focus on one or two types of data such as demographic and/or behavioral data to run their segmentation, we combine all data to bring you better results. (As long as we can correlate the different data points). Segmentation models are typically built on the following types of data:

Other Forms of Segmentation

There is a wide range of different types of segmentation that you can execute depending on the data that is available including but not limited to: product segmentation, time segmentation, industry segmentation and much much more.


While we are a full service marketing analytics company, we also love to share our knowledge. Feel free to reach out to us with no obligation to buy as better segmentation helps everyone!

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