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7 Rules for Cleaning your CRM

Here are 7 things to keep in mind when cleaning your CRM: Data Enrichment: When your team starts to grow, you must start thinking about efficiency, and put an end to some tasks or automate them. To save your sales and marketing teams time by looking for information a quick solution is to incorporate simple [...]

How Data Cleansing Can Improve Your Marketing

Having a clean database can assist your marketing, here are just a few ways you will look like a superhero if you clean your data. Segmentation  Having complete and accurate data will make it easier to segment your data. You will be able to send the right message to the right person. The better you [...]

How to Maintain Clean Contact Data in B2B Marketing

Contact data will decay over time. Even the best marketer in the world is not immune to it. The typical American employee changes jobs every four and a half years. They get terminated, promoted or find a better opportunity elsewhere. That’s why there’s a need to clean your contacts on a regular basis. The information in [...]

Three Steps to Prepare For a Database Migration

Making plans to move all your current Marketing, Sales or Partner data to a new platform with a new data schema can be a daunting process. However, there are some steps you need to take before you move your data so as to ensure that there are no serious issues.  Moving bad data into a new [...]

Four Simple Steps to Include In Your Data Cleaning Process

  With data-related legislation getting stricter (as shown in the CAN-SPAM, CASL, and new EU regulations), there's a need for companies to adopt smooth data processes that comply with all relevant laws. But while there's so much focus on smooth data collection, data cleaning is of equal importance. Why bother to clean your data? Lots [...]

How to Solve CRM Data Deduplication Dilemmas

The biggest data quality challenge faced by CRM systems is duplicates. Your CRM system will always have a few duplicate records unless you have an effective data deduplication strategy in place. Here are a few reasons for this: Humans may not perform a record search, and they keep adding new contacts. Data import tools may [...]

De-Duping and how your company can benefit from the service

With the amount of records your sales and marketing creates, it is impossible to not create duplicates. Once a duplicate record is created, your database’s quality has been decreased. Within the sales and marketing sector, these duplicate records cause issues not just for sales and marketing but also for analysts, executives and operations. Here are [...]

Data Quality Definition

What is the definition of Data Quality?  Data quality is defined by qualitative and/or quantitative sets of requirements that must be met in order to business to be operational, drive decision and allow for future planning.  In other words, your data should be useful and usable for all areas of business. Another way of defining [...]

Salesforce Deduplication

Maintaining accurate data is one of the most important tasks and biggest data quality issues that sales and marketing face when managing thousands of different data sources. This process involves data deduplication, de-duping or just data cleaning. Data deduping makes sure that only one unique contact or company record is retained in your Salesforce so [...]

Data Cleansing consists of….

The data you store in your database is vulnerable to errors if it is not cleaned up and maintained on a regular basis. A proper data governance using an automatic data cleaner helps resolve this issue. It removes data that is either improperly formatted, duplicated, incomplete or incorrect in some way. Keeping your data correct [...]