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De-Duping and how your company can benefit from the service

With the amount of records your sales and marketing creates, it is impossible to not create duplicates. Once a duplicate record is created, your database’s quality has been decreased. Within the sales and marketing sector, these duplicate records cause issues not just for sales and marketing but also for analysts, executives and operations. Here are [...]

Data Quality Definition

What is the definition of Data Quality?  Data quality is defined by qualitative and/or quantitative sets of requirements that must be met in order to business to be operational, drive decision and allow for future planning.  In other words, your data should be useful and usable for all areas of business. Another way of defining [...]

Salesforce Deduplication

Maintaining accurate data is one of the most important tasks and biggest data quality issues that sales and marketing face when managing thousands of different data sources. This process involves data deduplication, de-duping or just data cleaning. Data deduping makes sure that only one unique contact or company record is retained in your Salesforce so [...]

Data Cleansing consists of….

The data you store in your database is vulnerable to errors if it is not cleaned up and maintained on a regular basis. A proper data governance using an automatic data cleaner helps resolve this issue. It removes data that is either improperly formatted, duplicated, incomplete or incorrect in some way. Keeping your data correct [...]

Importance of Data Cleaning

Data Enhancement – as Part of Data Cleansing

There are many steps that a company should take when performing data cleansing. Data cleansing should be done on an on-going basis either quarterly for large amounts of data or annually for smaller data sets. There are also many steps that typically companies perform during their data cleaning initiatives. Steps include: Data Deduplication - This is [...]

Data Clean-Up for Migration

While most businesses should do data clean-up on an on-going basis, most only realize they have a data integrity issue when they are getting ready to migrate data into a new CRM or database. Data migration clean-up is typically the last step prior to migrating your data. The following data cleanup steps that should be [...]

Salesforce Data Analytics

Salesforce data analytics provides you valuable information on your sales and sales team's performance. If you are using any of Salesforce's other tools you can also report on data quality using, marketing performance from Pardot operations, partner performance and the list just goes on.   At the core of any reporting is the data quality. [...]

Preparing Your Survey Data for Analysis

In order to reap the greatest dividends, survey research must be a well-thought-out process from beginning to end. Small missteps throughout the survey process can result in large, sometimes irreversible, effects downstream. Thus, it is imperative that businesses understand not only how to analyze their data, but also how to identify and rectify potential pitfalls [...]

List Cleaning

If you are purchasing lists, obtaining third party data or getting leads from events you probably need to do list cleaning prior to uploading to your CRM. What List Cleaning do you need to do? If you are appending or adding data to your CRM, the data should be standardized and normalized to your existing [...]