Data Cleanup Services
Data Cleanup ServicesFor Marketing & Sales
Data cleaning is the first step to being a successful marketer or sales person. StrategicDB offers full service data cleaning services.

Add Insights to Your Marketing!

Customer & Prospect Segmentation
Customer & Prospect SegmentationFor Marketing & Sales
StrategicDB offers segmentation and profiling services for your marketing, sales, customer, website, and product data. Our segmentation models have helped businesses increase their conversion rates, improve ROI, identify profitable customer clusters, improve customer retention, help up-sell more products and much much more.
Analytical Services
Analytical ServicesFor Marketing & Sales
Do you need a data analyst that specializes in marketing or sales analytics? Do you have data that needs cleaned-up? Or need to build a sophisticated data model? We can help!
Analytics for Agencies
Analytics for AgenciesFor Marketing Agencies
Are you a marketing agency or consulting company that lacks analytics as a service? Do you rely on standard marketing reports to drive insight for your clients? If so, we can help!
MarketingFor Small and Mid Size Companies
Do you have a need to outsource marketing? Are you looking for a marketing agency that can drive results? Are you a marketer who needs more insight into your marketing? Or are you just a developer who is getting started in the Mobile App world?
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